Graphic designer. Memoir reader.

More Cattle, Less Bull

MCLB is a twice-weekly newsletter that I started the summer of 2016 to get all of my interests in one place. I wanted to give people cool content that they wouldn't stumble upon themselves in the form of a newsletter rather than a blog. I wanted subscribers to be inspired by the content and get offline to do something awesome. The newsletter also allowed me to flex my graphic design, art direction, and curation muscles at least two times each week. Each photo below is from a section of MCLB.

MCLB N1-02.jpg
MCLB Text Only-07.png
MCLB N2-12.png
MCLB N2-05.png
MCLB N3-02.png
MCLB N4-07.png
MCLB N2-14.png
MCLB N5-02.png