Francine Thompson is graphic designer, stylist, and work in progress. She wonders. She makes. And she yells at basketball games.

Her work has its roots in smart strategy but comes to life through considered systems that push brands to be more relevant.
More work to come. For now, you can gaze at some photos of her senior thesis below.


Ora Beauty

A physical manifestation of a year’s worth of undergraduate thesis work, Ora Beauty is a conceptual haircare brand for black women. The idea for the brand came from research that has shown the ingredients in black womens’ haircare products are highly toxic. Disturbed by the fact that hair products for white women would never harm them and that black haircare products haven’t gotten a modern design upgrade, Francine set out to make Ora.  


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A Little Bit About Francine       

Francine holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She now works at Zeus Jones, but peridocially takes on freelance clients.

She’s a Californian by birth but a Midwesterner by choice.

You can follow her on Instagram and Pinterest if you’re into that. 

If you would like to talk about design or freelance projects, you can email Francine here.

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