Perfect Day

Brand design, layout design, social design

Created at Zeus Jones with Anna Evenson, Eric Frost, Adrian Ho, Foram Nyberg, and Missy Reinikainen

Perfect Day has created animal-free dairy for a greener tomorrow. They needed a hard-working, fresh identity that could flex across owned and partnership channels. I pitched a visual concept for them around this idea of a new day– that optimistic glow that comes from morning light. While this isn’t the final identity, the core concepts remain.

Perfect Day is a brand that will appear in many different ways– from owned products, to an ingredient brand, to a standalone company. And the brand’s feeling of urgent optimism needs to show up at every point. 

Using this idea of a new day, I built an identity concept around a glowing visual element that has an almost cinematic quality about it. Paired with a mark that is equal parts clean and playful, the visuals start to represent the brighter future they’re crafting.

The optimistic color palette is balanced with hard working badges and elements that stretch from social media to owned brand packaging.