Lilac 11

Brand strategy, creative strategy, art direction, brand design, packaging, copy writing, social strategy

in collaboration with owner Amy Arias and writer Liz Welle

Lilac 11 is a D2C wellness brand focused on helping people be present, while also being engaging and motivating rather than just tranquil. Playing several roles, I helped put Lilac 11 on the right path with a full suite of strategy, creative, and design that speaks to the consumer’s aspirational state.

The brand is equal parts grounding and energizing, so it needed visuals (and strategy) to match. The mark leans into this idea of time and presence, while the color palette shows a spectrum of energy and emotions.

The brand strategy balances where people want to be and where they currently are. The belief and purpose can live at levels beyond those that are just product-centric and the pursuits provide actionable steps forward.

While developing a creative center for the brand, we landed on “Be well for the moment” as a platform. It brings together the consumer need (grounding) and the brand’s promise (wellness through presence) in a compelling way.